mardi 8 mai 2018

Caresses du 8 mai, un moment pour la paix !

Rose Tatoo*/Rose Tattoo (1978)/Rock’N’Roll Outlaw
Savage Messiah*/Hands Of Fate (2017)/Wing And A Prayer
Orden Ogan*/Gunmen (2017)/Gunman
Suicidal Tendencies/Get Your Fight On ! (2018)/Get Your Fight On !
Hatebreed*/The Concrete Confessional (2016)/Seven Enemies
Redemption*/Voice Of Hell (2018)/Friends
Angelus Apatrida/Cabaret de la guillotine (2018)/One Of Us
Cro-Mags*/Best Wishes (1989)/Down But Not Out
Ho99o9*/United States Of Horror (2017)/Street Power
Bloodshot Dawn*/Reanimation (2018)/Shackled
Hexecutor*/Hangmen Of Roazhon (2014)/Soldiers Of Darkness
Dissection/Storm Of The Light's Bane (2006)/Night's Blood
De Profundis/Beyond Redemption (2007)/Delusion Of Life
Hexecutor*/Poison, Lust And Damnation (2016)/Macabre Ceremony
Dargonomel/Astazebian (2017)/Demon Inside Me
Plebeian Grandstand*/False Highs, True Lows (2016)/Low Empire
*groupes présents au Hellfest 2018

dimanche 22 avril 2018

Playlist du 24 avril, encore des Caresses sur Radio G!

Powerflo*/Powerflo (2017)/Where I Stay
Show Aniki/The Deep Blue Sessions (2018)/Cowboys From Breizh
A Perfect Circle*/Eat The Elephant (2018)/So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
Tankard/The Tankard (1995)/Close Encounter
Tankard/R.I.B (2014)/Clockwise To Deadline
Death/Human (1991)/Flattening of Emotions
Kataklysm*/Of Ghost And Gods (2015)/Soul Destroyer
Skinned/Shadow Syndicate (2018)/As Their Bodies fall
Benediction/Dark is the season (1992)/Jumping at shadows
Nile*/What Should Not Be Unearthed (2015)/Evil To Cast Out Evil
Daemusinem/Thy Ungodly Defiance (2017)/Astazebian
Dargonomel/Astazebian (2017)/Demon Inside Me
Satyricon*/Age Of Nero (2008)/The Wolfpack
Dissection/Storm Of The Light's Bane (2006)/Night's Blood
De Profundis/Beyond Redemption (2007)/Delusion Of Life
Plebeian Grandstand*/False Highs, True Lows (2016)/Low Empire
*groupe présent au Hellfest

dimanche 8 avril 2018

Caresses du 10 avril... et pourquoi pas du death ?

 Par contre on commencera avec l'asso Jump'Music qui organise un concert hardcore au T'es Rock le 21 avril
Judas Priest*/Firepower (2018)/Necromancer
Purge Of Sanity/Exilian Theory (2017)/Broken Doll
Accept*/Metal Heart (1985)/Screaming for A Love Bite
Purge Of Sanity/Exilian Theory (2017)/Happy End
Angra/Omni (2018)/Always More
Exumer*/The Raging Tides (2016)/Catatonic
Brujeria/Brujerizmo (2000)/Division del Norte
Napalm Death*/Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs (2018)/What Is Past Is Prologue
Death/Scream Bloody Gore (1987)/Zombie Ritual
Dismember/Like An Ever Flowing Stream (1991)/And So Is Life
Entombed/Clandestine (1991)/Blessed Be
Disincarnate/Dreams of The Carrion Kind (1993)/Stench Of Paradise Burning
Kataklysm*/Of Ghost And Gods (2015)/Soul Destroyer
Dissection/Storm Of The Light's Bane (2006)/Night's Blood
Mercyless/Pathetic Divinity (2016)/Eucharistic Adoration
Death/Human (1991)/Flattening of Emotions

lundi 26 mars 2018

Caresses Métalliques : playlist du 27 mars, Judas Priest vs Anvil

Judas Priest*/Fire Power (2018)/Fire Power
Anvil/Pounding The Pavement (2018)/Bitch In The Box
Demolition Hammer*/Tortured Existence (1990)/Paracidal Epitaph
Judas Priest*/Fire Power (2018)/Evil Never Dies
Anvil/Pounding The Pavement (2018)/Let It Go
Vader/Dark Age (2017)/Dark Age
Bathory/Hammerheart (1990)/Home Of Once Brave
Agressor/Neverending Destiny (1990)/Prince Of Fire
Memoriam*/The Silent Vigil (2018)/Soulless Parasite
Deicide/Serpents Of The Light (1997)/Serpents Of The Light
Behemoth/Evangelion/Alas, The Lord Is Upon Me
Demilich*/Nespithe (1993)/Erecshyrinol
1349/Liberation (2003)/Riders of the Apocalypse
Burzum/Fallen (2011)/Vanvidd
Nordjevel*/Nordjevel (2016)/Blood Horns
Schammasch*/The Maldoror Chants–Hermaphrodite (2017)/Along The Road That Leads To Bedlam
*groupe présent au Hellfest


lundi 12 mars 2018

Black Caresses du 13 mars

Une émission orientée black metal qui fera la part belle aux groupes programmés sur la scène Temple du Hellfest avec en guest Greg du groupe ENDE dont le dernier album vient de sortir. On en passera quelques morceaux qui ne sont pas dans la liste ci-dessous.

Hollywood Vampires*/(2017)/Whole Lotta Love
Hantaoma*/Malamort (2018)/Las Trébas Del Castel
Pensées Nocturnes*/A boire et à manger (2016)/L’aphone et la flore
Tribulation/Down Below (2018)/The Lament
Necrophobic/Mark Of The Necrogram (2018)/Mark Of The Necrogram
Au-dessus*/End Of Chapter (2017)/VII
Infestdead/JesuSatan (1999)/Born To Burn
Disgorge/She Lay Gutted (1999)/Purifying The Cavity
Brutal Truth/Need To Control (1994)/I See Red
Schammasch*/The Maldoror Chants – Hermaphrodite (2017)/Along The Road That Leads To Bedlam
Nordjevel*/Nordjevel (2016)/Blood Horns
Darkified/A Dance On The Grave (1995):Sleep Forever...
Demilich*/Nespithe (1993)/Erecshyrinol
*goupe présent au Hellfest

dimanche 11 février 2018

Caresses Métalliques du 13 février

Saxon/Thunderbolt (2018)/Predator
Armory/World Peace... Cosmic War (2016)/Hell's Fast Blades
Savage Messiah/Hands Of Fate (2017)/Lay Down Your Arms
Manowar/Sign Of The Hammer (1984)/Mountains
Rebellion/Wyrd Bith Ful Araed (2015)/Hail Donar
Exodus*/Tempo Of The Damned (2004)/Forward March
Testor/Next Stop Insanity (2008)/Race Of Rats
Meshuggah*/The Violent Sleep Of Reason/Our Rage Won’t Die
Urheimat/The Gates To An Elder Constellation (2008)/Intercession Of Prismic Scent
Lobotomy/Legions Of Beelzebub/Murderous Side - Demoniac Side
Repossession/Reign Over Inferno (2008)/Rain Over Inferno
Bestial Deform/We Go To Kill… (2005)/True God
Vulture/Test Of Fire (2005)/Vicious Void
Hak-Ed Damm/Nekrowristfucked (2010)/Suffer
Tribulation/Down Below (2018)/The Lament
Inquisition/Obscure Verses for the Multiverse (2013)/Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons
Watain*/Trident Wolf Eclipse (2018)/Nuclear Alchemy
* groupes présents au HELLFEST